Exemption HotDaawwwg

I recently got banned two time for 2 days period for „afk machine“ wich i tought was hilarious at the time.

After a lot of arguing i just accepted my faith and waited for those bans to end.
(note that was for a concrete machine and an automatic furnace with conveyors.

After the second ban and some further arguing wich probably pissed the mod for some reason i got banned globaly for „political opinion“ cause i had made a pixel art of Stalin and another pixel art of C&C red alert 3 (soviet union).

For me this is realy pushing it too far cause my intent wasnt to push any political opinion or anything but just for the meme. I would also like to say that the mod in question saw several times on two diferent server two same exact pixel art without even saying anything so
thats why that i think that this ban was realy unfair and done due to personnal grudge against me.

At the end of the day people on the server i played on tought it was an hilarious idea i’m pretty sure a lot of other people do and if i didnt get any warning or ban the first time that mod saw my pixel arts i think that he too didnt think much of it.

Also i forgot to ask something i gave permission to one other person on my world (Ceresa) wich i trusted so she could if needed tp to my world hopefully that person wasnt wrongfully banned due to my action. (she has her own world and doesnt play with me)

Moved to Adventure

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Dear HotDaawwwg,
we will discuss your Ban appeal at Sunday, the 3rd May, at 6:30pm,
we would appreciate it, when youre at this time on our Teamspeak.
Besides youre friends need to write an Ban appeal too,


You can check bans on https://torch.myftb.de/player/Ceresa

It seems Ceresa was banned as well. She will have to write a separate ban appeal where she can lay out why her ban was unjust.

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hopefully she will make an appeal i have no contact with her other than IG she probably won’t know why she got banned in the first place. At least its a good thing i didnt give permission to any other player on the server i trusted cause that would have been a massive slip from the mod.

@shekurika Entbannung erfragt Bereits getan

i just did that yesterday cuz i loged in after a week or so offline time and got banned for no reasoni jsut instaupdated teamspeak and spoke to the team of the server

Hello @HotDaawwwg,

Since you were not present in our team meeting, we have decided to reject your unban request.
You can write another unban request in a month.

Sincerely, Schlaumeyer