Wireless crafting Terminal 2

is it a feature or am i the only one who can’t withdraw or deposit item in the AE storage with wireless crafting terminal (from the addons of Applied Energistics) ? i can with the wireless terminal from AE2 without any problem

i dont like this item

did u connect the terminal with ur security terminal? have it infinity booster cards?

yes i did everything you have to do, i put like 30 infinity booster card in it, with a magnet card to test, and it was linked because i can see all my items in the AE system when i use it but i can’t do anything with it except using the 3x3 crafting table

and it was full energy if you ask

did u try to place the security terminal again?

there is a bug wie ae2 and the security terminal. just try it with a clean biometric card (not binded) and with full rights

yes everytime i log in i have to replace the security terminal, but the wireless crafting terminal is still buged, i think it’s from the mod itself, like it needs a update or idk

but if you can’t fix this issue it’s okay i will use the vanilla wireless terminal

ok i saw the problem

but we cant fix it im sorry

don’t worry it’s not a big deal no quests need that

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