Wieso wurde ich gebannt

sry i cant write german well but i got banned on direwolf for “griefing in der farmwelt” what did i even grief i did not do anything i accidentlay placed a cobble block. really is that the reason you also banned my freind for doing NOTHING (Derpno) and he got banned aswell i would like to specifically know why and my freind got banned

I think your Friend got banned because you are playing in the Same World.

And the problem is if one in your world makes sh*t and you get banned the others guys in your world get banned too.

i was the one to do anything

wow thats retarded

Mhh this is one problem when you are playing with random peoples in one world and one random guy do sh*t… and all other guys are banned.

Its the risk if you play with other guys.

That’s completely wrong. The whole world gets banned if for example someone dupes in your world. We don’t ban the whole world for griefing.

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ich hab nur das wiedergegeben was mir damals von einem Mod gesagt wurde.

juli, you were told several times now, that you should not answer questions for mods in the forum. just let the mods do their thing. it´s totally okay to comment on what the mods answer (imo) or write everywhere else but please clam down as long as no “official” answer was made. And i´m also pretty sure no mod ever said what you told there^^°
(Just to say, i write this in english because it would be rude for jerry to start a conversation in german in “his” thread!)

PS: And yeah, strictly is that what i wrote here also “doing what only a mod should do” as i´m in no official position to lecture you, but you can´t deny that this was told to you by mods more than once :man_shrugging:

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JerryTheMobster wurde wegen “Griefing in der Farmwelt” Gebannt.

Wie Dogboy schon geschrieben hat werden nur die Mitbewohner in einer Welt gebannt wo Duping betrieben wurde, bei Griefing werden nur die Spieler bestraft, die auch die besagten Items geklaut haben und nicht die Mitbwohner.

Dieser Thread wird nun geschlossen und das @Direwolf20 wird dann das Ergebniss nach der Team Sitzung hier Posten.


This thread will now be closed and the @Direwolf20 will post the result after the team meeting here.