Unbanrequest Storm_Gebruers


Ich bin storm_gebruers ich bin gebannt von das server. I made something that wasnt allowed but i already destroyed it. I was now with my friend to the server can you pleasse unbann us we are so sorry.

We already missing playing minecraft
Our names are MAXIBOY2603 and storm_gebruers

Hay @Storm_Gebruers

Pleas create new thred for your unban request
Maby you can alsow describe the reason why you got band and why you and your friend have done it.

Good luck for your request

We did it because we didnt knew it wasnt allowed, i made a afk fishfarm that already was destroyed we are banned until the 5th of juin at 19 h my friend maxiboy2603 is banned because he asked to unban me

Pleas create a new one, because this is acualy an request from an other Player.

Unfortunatelly i hafe to tell you that this kind of ban like you got (bans that only stay for 1 to 30 day’s) mostly don’t be removed.

But we are so sorry and just try to maje fun can you oleasse help us

Sorry, i can do nothing, because im not an Mod or an Admin.

But you can still play at the Modded Servers from MyFTB. Your ban’s are just local.

For next time you can ask someone ho understands a bit german to translate the rules or try it with a translator.

And hey, think positiv. You’r Unban is befor Weekend, so you and your friend can game till Sunday.

Hello Storm_Gebruers,

i moved your unban request to a seperate thread, since you posted it below an already existing unban requests for a different player. You got banned for using an afk-fishfarm, but it seems like you already figured that out.

Not knowing about the rules does not protect you from getting banned. If you acess our rules from a different country than Germany it will show you the english Version of our rules automaticly.
You can acess our rules at https://myftb.de/regeln.

Your friend got banned, because the afk-fishfarm was in a world he had acess to. Usually we ban all players in a world that had acess to such constructions.

Since it’s a temporary ban from our network and you already admitted, that you build such a construction,
i reject your ban appeal. You and your friend will both be unbanned in two days.


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