Unban request

Around nov. 12 ish I was banned on my account (deadbnny) for x-ray on vanilla. Unknown to me 2 days later when I got on it wouldn’t let me join, so I proceeded to get on my other account (deadbnny2) and I joined and asked for a mod to help. I then I found out I was banned for x-ray, and I was speaking with the mod (Paulipanther) and he said i have bypassed my ban UNKNOWN TO ME and i must still continue my ban for 30 more days and so i accepted it and waited. When i got on 30 or more days later i was unbaned on (deadbnny) so I joined vanilla and asked for a mod because my other account (deadbnny2) was banned. And (Tanokind) said to submit a forum for the request to be unbanned on both accounts.
I am just sad becuase i served my time and the other account (deadbnny2) was labeld as a forever ban so i cant get on and i was banned again on (deadbnny) because of a bypass and i just got on to talk to a mod and play.

thanks i hope you understand
Trenh AKA (deadbnny) & (deadbnny2)

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