Unban request Lesarbres

Spielername: Lesarbres
Modpack: GTNH
Server: 2
Banngrund: Not disclosing bugs

Hello MyFTB team,

I was banned two days ago for not disclosing a bug and duping. I will not go too much into the details here as I am not sure if this bug was fixed. During the last year I always had problems with my Keep inventory and many times I had to ask a mod to re-store my inventory. This was quite a nuissance for every party involved as my keep inventory should have worked. No idea what happened there, it seems my player data was corrupted in some way.

Then a week ago a mod told me a workaround and I was able to restore my own inventory. I restored mine but got the wrong one. I then i tried a different save and realized once I had tried one save, I could not go back. Out of fear that I could not get my original stuff again, I put my current inv into a chest and tried a few inventories. finally I got a really old inventory back from 2019. The stuff in this inventory was created by me as I used to be in the latest endgame before 2019. I just lost my world due to inactivity.

I did not report this bug as I did not think it was a bug. I thought the mods had activated the restore functionality for me. This functionality was so obvious it did not seem like a bug at all.

Where I messed up, and I would like to apologize here with is that I did keep stuff from these 7 inventories ,more then once and hence I duped several times. Hurly mentioned that this stuff was from my last ban and I should not have access to it. To this I do not agree, as I re-built my base and even and had quantum gear despite my world being deleted.

It would be great from you - especially considering that I hurt nobody and only got access to things I legitimately had before if you could convert this indef. ban into a temporary one. I have a great surgery with hospitalization on Monday and I was really looking forward to use the time in the hospital for some „work“ on myftb :wink:

What hurts me above all is that my friends world was reset by one month - please if you never want me back on this server then I accept, However I think they should not be punished for what I did. I mean they did not know about the inventory and did not use/see any of the items involved. The incident happened this week, they could not have had any advantage before that.

The bug must have been there for the last months and was never used by anyone as far as I know.

Thanks a bunch in advance
your collection of trees

Hallo Lesarbres,

Wir werden deinen Antrag heute gegen 20:00 besprechen.


Wie im TS besprochen, haben wir deinen Ban in einen temporären Ban umgewandelt und hoffen, dass nach Ablauf des Bans eventuelle Bugs gemeldet und nicht mehr ausgenutzt werden.

Bis nächstes Jahr