Unban request - JaRanCZ, Hefanek

Spielername: JaRanCZ, Hefanek
Modpack: Divine Journey 2
Server: Divine Journey 2 server 2
Banngrund: Swastica
Banndauer: Permanent

Dein Entbannungsantrag
Hello, i want to request for unban for JaRanCZ and HEFANEK. We got banned for nazi cross in our base. As i said, we didnt know what that symbol means. We found out, after one of the admins told us word Swastica. I googled what it means and i realized its bad thing. We are just kids. I am 11 and my friend is 10. We didnt learn anything about wars in school, so thats the reason we didnt know what it means. We were looking for some cool symbols for our ME system, but we were so stupid that we didnt search what it means. We really enjoy playing on your server and we just want one chance to prove we are not bad. We were just clueless. We want to complete the modpack. I played over 400 hours here and i love the server. Please be little kind to kids. We are just kids and kids do bad and stupid things sometime. Now, when we know what that symbol means, we really want to distance over it. Its bad thing and its not funny. I want to please everyone to have mercy over some stupid kids.

Hi JaRanCZ,
we would like to discuss your case in our next team meeting. This sunday, 03. September at 17:30 CEST, please be available in one of our discord voice channel in case we have any further questions.
Best regards, Keinschimmer

Hello, i would like to, but i got banned on your discord by one of your admin for no reason.

You will be unbanned tomorrow to enable you to take part.
Best regards, lunaschatzi

Hello JaRanCZ,

I am sorry to inform you but we decided to not unban you. We discussed your ban in our team meeting but since your request was not extensively enough (including you still lying to us in this request) and you were not available for questions in our voice channel we were not able to see any regret on your side.

Best regards, lunaschatzi

Hello, is there any way to get call with you today? I wanna talk with you, if its not problem. Thank you

If its possible, i would like you to tell me, when you are free to do so. Thank you

Hello, i guess i need to write what i wanted to tell you. I wanted to get call with you, so i can tell you and it would be more personal. This message is for all admins, not just for lunaschatzi. I am not trying to save anything right now, but i just have bad feeling somewhere in me.

Yes, its true that i was lying to all of you, and i know it was very stupid and childish. But now i see, that what i did wasnt very smart and good. I didnt think, when i will lie to you, it will be good. But i panicked so hard, that i started lying to you. I thought it will help, but i didnt realize you all are smart people. As i panicked, i just wanted to lie about everything, so i can get unban, but i did everything even worse. All i wanted when i started lying was to play DJ2 again. The server means a lot for me and i really didnt realize that lying wasnt good idea. Maybe if i was more honest, it would be much better.

Again, it was very stupid from me. Everything i wrote, everything i was lying about was because i wanted to play again, but thats not excuse. I realize now, everything was very unprofesional and dumb. I totally agree with your decision, but i just wanted to tell you the real truth.

About the reason of ban, it was very stupid from both of us. But when i said anything about the symbol, i wasnt lying. We really dont like it, we dont respect it, we dont support it. We literally hate it, but i guess we thought it would be some kind of funny. But it really was not. I need to repeat myself again and say that, it was very stupid from both of us and even stupidier from me that i didnt tell you all the truth at the beggining and was trying to lie to you.

You really dont know, how much i regret everything now… Maybe it just looks like i am trying to convince you to unban me, but the real reason for all of this is because i really regret it. At all, i am not angry on you. I tottaly know, why you didnt unban me. I am sorry for everything i did.


Hi JaRan,

First of all I need to apologize for my late reply, I was really busy the past few days.
I personally like seeing that you are honest with us now. As you can see with your friend Hefanek, being honest can lead to an unban, though first lying and then telling the truth won’t.
If you still would be interested in an unban you can write a new request in a month, then we would consider discussing this again.
Until then,

I understand. Thank you very much

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