Unban request : HotDaawwwg

Modpack: All
Server: All
Banngrund: Political opinion
Banndauer: Permanent

A long time got banned two time for 2 days period for „afk machine“ wich i tought was hilarious at the time since it was based on the fact that that said machine could be customized in a way that made it fully anti afk at the time.

After a lot of arguing i just accepted my faith and waited for those bans to end.
(note that was for a concrete machine and an automatic furnace with conveyors.

After the second ban and some further arguing wich probably pissed the mod for some reason i got banned globaly for „political opinion“ cause i had made a pixel art of Stalin and another pixel art of C&C red alert 3 (soviet union).

From my personal point of view all that is a sad turn of events for things that were

  1. misinterpreted.
    2.non rational/illogical.

At the end of the day people on the server i played on tought it was an hilarious idea and so did i. I have never and never will praise any form of communism cause we all know how stupid it is but its non the less funny to joke about it or to build a cool looking base arround the theme of the soviet union!

didnt get any warning or ban the first time that mod saw my pixel arts i think that he too didn’t think much of it or found it funny enough to not care.

Also i’d like to point out that due to this ban somoene else i had given permission to tp to my world (she owned her own world and played by herself) who had nothing to do with me got banned idk what happened to that person but it is realy sad that this innocent person suffered from those event.

I’d like to disccus more with the staff on what do they think about those events in details on teamspeak/discord i’m working so i’m usually aviable during the weekend or in the evening.


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Hello HotDaawwwg!

We will discuss your unban request on December 20th, 2020. Please get in touch with us around 8 p.m (UTC+1h) on our TS Server.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hello HotDaawwwg,

as discussed before via Teamspeak we accepted your unban request. You will be able to play again in a few minutes.

Have fun playing again on MyFTB!