Unban request - Hefanek

Spielername: Hefanek
Modpack: Divine Journey II
Server: 2
Banngrund: swastika
Banndauer: permanent

Dein Entbannungsantrag
Hi, we apologize for our behavior, we are aware of what we have done and we don’t take it lightly. We don’t support this symbol, it was a stupid mistake, it won’t happen again. We have spent a lot of time on the server, we have made a lot of progress and we would not like to lose everything because of our mistake and our stupidity.

Thanks for response

Hi Hefanek,
we would like to discuss your case in our next team meeting. This sunday, 03. September at 17:30 CEST, please be available in one of our discord voice channel in case we have any further questions.
Best regards, Keinschimmer

Is it possible to join around 19:00?

Our Meeting is every Sunday at 17:30. If you can’t make it, we will tell you the result in the forum post.

Hi Hefanek,

You showed us your regret and understanding regarding your behaviour, therefore your ban will be shortened and will end on 03. October 2023.

Best regards, lunaschatzi

I appreciate your decision and thank you very much. Does this mean that our world will be deleted after 1 month of inactivity?

Your world would be deleted, but you can hand in a signing off here to prevent deletion

I would like to prevent to deletion, but i cant create account, because iam banned on the server. Is there any other way to create account ?

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