Unban JaRan

Spielername: JaRanCZ
Modpack: Divine Journey 2
Server: 2
Banngrund: nazi cross
Banndauer: permanent

Dein Entbannungsantrag
Hello, a month ago i got banned with my friend. I was trying to get my unban by lying but it was just stupid mistake. I already apologized for everything i did and i really regret it. I want to ask you, to check my problem again and if its possible, i would like to play again with my friend.

Thank you very much

Hi @JaRanCZ,

The cooldown of one month we gave you at the conclusion of your first ban appeal for you to try a second time has not fully elapsed yet. For this reason we will discuss your ban appeal in our team meeting on the 8th of October at 17:30 CET which is when 30 days are over.

Please be available in one of our Discord Voice Channels for potential questions. You will be unbanned for that particular evening on the Discord Server so you can take part.

Best regards, WHOni / Jonas

1 „Gefällt mir“

Hi again,

as you were already told in our team meeting today, we decided to accept your ban appeal.

Your In-Game Ban is already lifted. As we already told you: Make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Best regards, WHOni / Jonas