Un ban request

hi sorry that im not writing this in german but yeasterday i wanted to play agrarian skies with my friend so i started to play quests so he can connect end after that help me but when he tryied to connect he got ban he doesnt know for what did he got it and me neiter so i am askin if you can unban him or unban him foagrarian skes only his name is _Trollface:Cze thanks

Moved to Adventure.

Hi there,

The Adventure Team will take care of this in a timely manner, this is probably a mistake on our part,
the quest book is probably back in hardcore mode.

hi i wanted to tell yoiu that he cant connect bcs he have ban so i am askin to unban him i dont want to play it alone so i asked him and then he discovered thet he have ban on your server so i decided to ask for unban fast as possible btw i am plaing agrarian skie 2 and hist name is _Trollface_Cze

Hello martinCZ2103,

looks like your friend got banned because he was in HQM (Hardcore Questing Mode) and ran out of lifes, however he shouldn’t be in HQM in the first place. According to my teammember Griffelo991 he already changed the mode of your friend from HQM to normal, so I just lifted the ban of your friend.

Can you please tell your firend to retry connecting to the server and tell me if it works now?

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