(Modern Skyblock 3) Cannot make Liquid antimony from Embers addon ; Soot


so i was doing the embers quests to progress but now i need antimony to finish the chapter, but i can’t make, i provided the mixer with power, all the liquids needed (liquid sugar and lead) but it doesn’t make it, so i tried in singleplayer to see if it’s a server bug like Astral Sorcery, but it doesn’t work too, i watched many videos and they did exactly like me but it works for them… so can we add a craft for a bucket of antimony? or a antimony ingot that requires for exemple 3 lead and 2 sugar in the crafting table? thx


You have to incorporate the stuff at the same time and you need the right amount of the needed materials


At the same time? ok but it tells me 4/16mb of sugar and 8/16mb of lead, you know what’s this mean? like how much sugar and how much lead do i need Exactly


@xILikePuddingx nope still doesn’t work…


we working on a fix


@xILikePuddingx Ok thanks you :slight_smile:


@xILikePuddingx any updates? because i can’t continue the quests because of this :confused:




There are a new recipe


Great recipe thanks you so much!


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