IC2 cables are glitched on revelation

Im sorry for my english but im dutch and my german is very bad. so the ic2 cables have a visual glitch in our world because the wont connect to anything including each other. i hope you can help us. thank you in advance.

  1. Join the world with the bug
  2. Use the command /IC2Fix , you will be teleported to the spawn.
  3. Use the command /tpworld to go back to your world
  4. You should be able to use IC2 again.

thanks you for the quick response but it says that we do not have permission :slight_smile:

Oh, hm, maybe @MojangPlsFix knows how to continue.

@Chewbacca Der IC2Fix ist derzeit nur auf Enigmatica2Expert und Ultimatereloaded verfĂĽgbar. (:
Zumindest wenn ich nach den angepinnten Nachrichten im Discord gehe :smiley:

(Just a Info: That Command is at the moment only avaible on 2 Pack’s (Ultimatereloaded and Enigmatica2Expert) my English sucks too :P)
It’s a known Bug, normaly after Server restart’s fixed, but not sure.

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alright so i cannot fix this issue for now? i hope they can add it within this modpack too. the server had restarted but didnt fix it so thats not working unfortunately. thanks for the info tho :smiley:

Hey, you can also use orbs from ic2 to have a buffer.

it is not just the cabling, the cabling is just the most annoying part. the machines itself do the same thing and go purple and black sometimes. the game even says its air now haha.

Oh, okay. Pink and black is a display error.

But you can handle the other bug with the orbs

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ooh okay thanks for the tip. i wanted to connect a hv/mv/lv connector to a ic2 cable that was my plan since i have a reactor from big reactors mod. do you think those orbs will work with a connector?

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No, the orbs are items that come into the machine, but they have to be charged beforehand.

„Emergency power batteries“

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