'Griefing in Nether'

I was banned by Xantia earlier.
However, I believe the ban should be reversed.

First off, I didn’t grief, yes I did take an ender thermic pump from a player called bio-something, but I only knew this because of tesseracts next to it. The area was NOT protected.

Secondly, I was planning to give it back when I’d see the player online, after telling him that I had temporary taken it in order to not have it stolen, but since you banned me within 8 hours, I wasn’t able to do so. People need sleep.

In-game name: 2nd_Algorithm

Hi 2nd_Algorithm,
at first: I have to deny your ban appeal, let me explain you why.

The area has not to be claimed or protected anyway; our rules, which you accepted, say that griefing in any way is forbidden. There is no exception.

Also you can‘t break our rules and assert, that it just was for the player and you wanted to give it back. So you have to wait, until you were unbanned in three weeks.


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