Griefing im Nether DW20112-1 (again)

Dear Admin - modo

Someone took my builder, with a special filter for nether quartz and so + 2 powercell and the most important: an Enderchest “white white white” labeled "Mr_Zig with a diamond…

This was placed around my nether door at -5, 67, 21…

Thanks for helping me …


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I’m going to look into that!

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Hello… Anything found?


Hey @Mr_Zig,
please have patience, the Direwolf-Team will have a look into that and will give you an answer soon.

Well… without wanting to say anything wrong, but he waited now for 8 Days - on an almost daily support request. In my opinion he had enough patience, how can something so simple need that amount of time to get solved? :roll_eyes:

I’m hoping he’ll get his answer finally, he waited enough.
Have a nice day :upside_down_face::wave:

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Mehr als an das zuständige Team weitergeben und um erneute Geduld bitten beim Spieler, können wir als Außenstehende ja leider auch nicht; aber ich verstehe, was du meinst, du sagst es nur der falschen Person @Hillstead :upside_down_face:

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Well i will look on Saturday when I’m home from worke and hopefully i can find something. Sorry for so long of a wait.

Ich habe eben nachgeschaut.

Die Sachen wurden von einem anderen Spieler abgebaut, jedoch kann ich diese Items bei ihm nicht finden.

MfG Chrissi19961

Hello all

Thanks a lot for the effort.

I will make a special enderchest for my builder, so I will be safe next time… :wink: