Entbannungsantrag von NutcrackerSweet

Ich werde Englisch nuetzen weil es meine Geburtssprache ist.

I logged on today (infinity-skyblock-1) and found myself banner for „Griefing in the Farmworld“. Yesterday was the first time that I had been to the Farmworld, and I confess I did break an individuals grave. I didn’t even know I could, and wouldn’t have done it if I knew. That said, I didn’t really take anything from it. I then died, and I’m glad that I knew that there were gravestones and that another could break them. That way I could have my island teammate go and break my gravestone and pick it up for me.

However, it took quite some time to find the gravestone, so we did a lot of breaking of blocks in the farmworld. This was not meant to be destructive, only to allow us to find the gravestone.

This resulted in a 30 day ban. This seems to be extreme for a player that made a single mistake with no warning. If you feel that I need a ban, I will gladly accept that. However, a month seems quite extreme for a break of a gravestone in a public farmworld. Please, let me know what you decide. I would love to continue to enjoy the server.


your unban request is going to be processed at Friday the 27.03.2020 at our Team Meeting at 7:30pm. Please be available on our Teamspeak around this time for explanations, questions
or similar.


You know there are plenty of map mods which usually show the location of your death(s)?!

Yes, I am aware. I may install one now. However, as the pack didn’t have any installed, and I didn’t feel the need to install one, I didn’t have one. Also, most of those only track the location of deaths that occur after they are installed, so they wouldn’t have done me much good retroactively.


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